‘Through A Child’s Eyes’ Has Eyes on the Future

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - EducationBy: Marcia Prichason

Through A Child’s Eyes has secured a $5,000,000.00 grant from the Illinois Capital Development Board and plans are underway to create a new Early Childhood Care and Education Center in Cicero. Through A Child’s Eyes currently serves 400 children at-risk of academic failure in its Pre-Kindergarten Program in Cicero and hopes to enroll an additional 300 preschool children in the new Center.

Through A Child’s Eyes has been providing program services in Cicero for eight years and during that time, has achieved remarkable success. Children enrolled in the Through A Child’s Eyes Program are better prepared for school than ever before.

Studies show that children who participate in early intervention programs such as the Through A Child’s Eyes Pre-K program have increased success in school, a higher graduation rate, and are less susceptible to criminal activities. Through A Child’s Eyes works closely with parents, community members, and other social service agencies in Cicero to empower children and their families in their advancement toward independence.
The new Think College Now Early Childhood Care and Education Center will be a boon to the town of Cicero. Approximately 28 employees will work at the new Center, many of them from Cicero. And, since Through A Child’s Eyes has selected an abandoned building to purchase and renovate, the agency envisions the neighborhood revitalized as a result.

Through A Child’s Eyes is currently in the process of finalizing construction plans for the new Center and expects to break ground very shortly. Because this is such an ambitious project, the agency is seeking additional funds so that the renovation can begin. Iris Corral, Program Director states that, “the new Center will enrich the lives of so many more children in Cicero. It is like looking at the future.” Additional information about the success of Through A Child’s Eyes can be found at www.tace.info.

For information about how you can contribute to the future with Through A Child’s Eyes contact:

Bob Cammarata
Through A Child’s Eyes Director

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