CEDA Cicero Gun Turn-In Day

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Local NewsThe Community and Economic Development Association (CEDA), has announced its Public Health Initiative “Gun Turn-In Project.” They are inviting community members to take a role in combating the violence that has plagued communities. It is a youth led initiative that allows youth to work hands on and across agencies to address violence in their communities. CEDA Youth is working with Catholic Charities, CeaseFire, Cicero Area Project, Corazon Community Services, Envision Community Services to implement the Gun Turn In project. The opportunity is confidential. If you turn in any weapons, make sure the guns are unloaded and placed in a gun case or box. The same applies to ammunition. Cicero Gun Turn In Day will be Sunday, Aug. 25th from 3pm., to 6pm., at Victory Outreach, 4836 W. 13th Street and Vida Abundante, 1819 S. 54th Ave.

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