Jumpstart Your New Health Regimen

By: Carmen Lopez

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - HealthWeight loss can be difficult for many, but there are different factors that can make losing weight less stressful. There is information around the internet about how to lose weight fast. However, its effectiveness varies from person to person.

The beginning of a weight loss program is important. An immediate factor that can affect weight loss success is the amount of weight a person sets as their goal when beginning their weight loss program. It is important to start with a small goal and build up to something larger.
“A lot of people will aim too high. It’s better to do something that is going to make you feel more consistent,” said Adrian Pollard a trainer at Planet Fitness. Shedding pounds is not the only contributing factor to living a healthy lifestyle. Erin Paavola, a Therapist at Seguin Services, believes in the importance of mentally making healthy living a habit.

“The focus needs to be on health and lifestyle change, it improves your physical health,” Paavola said. “Focus need to be on living a healthy active lifestyle, not just weight loss,” she added. Feeling intimidated while working out can also cause people to lose motivation. It is important to remember that it takes time and practice in order to get results. Therefore, it is good to evaluate your own progress as it happens. “The biggest thing is not feeling intimidated in the gym and being able to come consistently,” Pollard said. “Set realistic goals so that you can keep doing it,” he added.

From a psychological point of view, Erin Paavola mentioned why it is important to celebrate every small gain. “Progress happens slowly, and it is important to recognize the small changes, such as eating better for a few days in a row, working out a few times a week,” Paavola said. Exercise alone is not enough to reach a healthy weight. It is important to maintain a healthy diet. “Everything you can grab quickly is going to be either processed or a carb. I always emphasize on proteins and carbs in every meal,” Pollard said. “A lot of people don’t know it but when you eat protein with a carbohydrate you slow the digestion of the carbohydrate,” he said.

There are various foods that offer both proteins and carbohydrates. Animal products are a good source of protein. They are complete proteins that give your body necessary Amino Acids it cannot produce. If you do not consume meat; peas, dry beans, and lentils also provide protein. It is important to provide your body with a variety of foods in order to receive the proper amount of nutrients. Modifying all aspects of yourself and making healthy living a lifestyle is the most successful way to live a healthy life.

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