Local First Chicago Launches “Back to School” Buy Local Campaign

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - EducationLocal First Chicago is launching their new “Back to School” Buy Local campaign which encourages parents to shift some of their back-to-school purchases from big box retailers to local independently-owned stores and promotes the local economic and community benefits gained from that shift in spending.

The “Back to School” campaign is a step toward expanding the impact of their highly successful “Unwrap Chicago” campaign, also designed to encourage shoppers to buy from locally owned and operated businesses first. This is the first time the organization has expanded its campaign to include another important retail date.

For parents with children going back to school, the campaign provides a website (www.eatdrinkbuylocal.org) listing events across the city and a link to an online directory of locally owned businesses. The City of Chicago Small Business Center is a sponsor of this campaign. Those looking for more information can visit Local First Chicago’s “Back to School” website at www.eatdrinkbuylocal.org.

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