LVEJO Hosts Annual Bike Tour

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Local NewsOn Saturday, Aug. 24th, bikers from Little Village, Cicero, and Bronzeville all gathered at Little Village Environmental Justice Organization’s (LVEJO) headquarters in Little Village to begin their bike ride. Riders welcomed by Flora Ramirez LVEJO’s Public Transit/Youth Organizer. Ramirez expressed her appreciation for the riders and reminded them that “unity was what gave LVEJO strength,” and that without their support at last years “Bike the Route” event the extension of the 35th S. Bus Route would not have been possible. The bike ride began on 31st and Millard, where Claudia Ayala, member of LVEJO, spoke about the sidewalk renovations along 31st Street which she assisted in by reaching out to Ald. Ricardo Muñoz to secure $226,000 from menu funds. At the end of the bike route, riders arrived at the 31st Harbor for a press conference where representatives from all neighborhoods spoke about the need for the establishment of a 31st bus. “LVEJO is committed to the permanent establishment of the 31st bus we are ready to work with community partners and youth to makes sure that our communities have access to public transit,” said Antonio Lopez, executive director for LVEJO.

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