¡OLÉ! to Debut at Chicago Fringe Festival

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Local NewsNYC-based theater company THEATER IN ASYLUM will perform at the Chicago Fringe Festival on Thursday, Sept 5 at 8:30pm, Saturday, Sept 7 at 7pm and Sunday, Sept 8 at 4pm at the Spilled Milk Stage, 5320 W Giddings St Chicago, IL 60630. Tickets are $10 online at www.chicagofringe.org, where more information is also available.

Federico Garcia Lorca: poet, romantic, believer. Salvador Dalí: painter, modernist, scientist. Their tumultuous love affair began in college and ended with Dalí’s flight to Paris as Spain descended into civil war. ¡Olé! takes you into the bullring as these two matadors pit magic against science through paint, poetry and flamenco dance. ¡Olé!, conceived and directed by Paul Bedard and includes text from poems, letters, and other works by Salvador Dalí and Federico Garcia Lorca.

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