Seniors and Residents Attend Hernandez Property Tax Seminar

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - BusinessMore than 160 homeowners attended a property tax appeals seminar hosted by State Representative Lisa Hernandez on August 8 at the Olympic Theater.  The seminar was intended to help residents determine if they can reduce their property taxes by appealing their assessments, or if they can apply for several deductions including those for seniors.  Hernandez said the strong turnout suggested the existing tax system in Cook County remains complex and a challenge for many residents, and that many residents are concerned about their current tax rates.  Hernandez said she and staff members personally spoke with each attendee to review their property situation and to consider options to obtain the lowest possible property tax rate.  In most cases, Hernandez said, the homeowners completed the applications to begin the process of appealing their property taxes.

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