Who will be the next ‘Señorita Cicero 2013?’

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Local NewsThe Cicero Mexican American Cultural Committee (CMACC) is asking the public to help select this year’s “Señorita Cicero 2013.” The CMACC includes Edith Cruz as president, and board members Geraldo Solis, Maria Garcia, Josefina Polasios, and former State Rep. Frank Aguilar who also serves as board chairman. Aguilar said the CMACC is planning a wide range of events to celebrate this year’s Mexican Independence Day and Fiestas Patrias, both celebrated in September.

Mexican Independence Day is Sept. 13th through 15th, with El Grito and the Parade on Cermak Road beginning at Austin Blvd., being held on the 15th. Events are held at Community Park at 34th and Laramie in the Town of Cicero. The CMACC web site is www.CiceroMexicanCC.com.

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