CEDA Warns Community of Imposter

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - BusinessMany low-income Cook county households rely on assistance from CEDA for gas and electric bill payments, rental assistance, mortgage foreclosure assistance and much more.  CEDA only conducts business in their offices and authorized CEDA intake centers.  Beware of anyone representing themselves as agents of CEDA asking for matching funds or attempting to obtain your confidential information outside of CEDA offices.  Report any suspicious activity in the name of CEDA to local police.  CEDA has received reports of a man identifying himself as a Supervisor for CEDA working the Homan Square area.  The imposter is approaching residents with offers of bill payment assistance including mortgage and mobile phones as recently as Saturday, Sept. 7th.  You can call CEDA at 1-800-571-2332 or visit www.cedaorg.net.

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