Editor’s Note

Each year, during Hispanic Heritage Month we recount the individuals who have made a difference and are making a difference in the lives of thousands across this wondrous city. We take delight in celebrating the perseverance, the leadership, the passion, and compassion many of our local leaders exude when they are determined to positively affect the community around them. Whether it is in the arts, health, business, education, or environmental, issues, the local leaders we highlight every September are committed to fighting for justice and restoring a sense of pride in the hearts of their peers. Not only are we ecstatic to bring you these stories, but we do so with the help of our collaborative partner ComEd, to introduce our new series, “Iluminando la Comunidad” (Illuminating the Community.) Throughout Hispanic Heritage Month, we will share with you a list of stellar individuals who are sure to inspire and motivate you to make a change. To read more stories and to “like” your favorite one, go to Facebook.com/ComEd.

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