Leaders at USHCC Benefit from Training

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Chamber Leaders who participated in the USHCC Foundation’s Chamber Training Institute

The USHCC Foundation’s Chamber Training Institute provides attendees a two-day learning experience on best practices for social media, membership management and leadership. Since its launch two years ago, there have been 11 trainings, with an additional ten scheduled well into 2015. The Chicago Chamber Training focused on creating an innovative business culture.

In advance of this session Wells Fargo bank awarded a $700,000 grant, the largest ever donation to support chamber leaders, which is part of $1.8MM overall commitment by Wells Fargo to the USHCC since 2001. As part of this commitment by Wells Fargo, the USHCC has provided more than 350 local chamber leaders across the country with educational opportunities and micro grants to sustain and grow their businesses through the Chamber Training Institute

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