Halloween Fun

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Local NewsHalloween provides a great opportunity to demonstrate your creative cred, and the recent growth in the Maker movement makes this the perfect time for a #HackyHalloween thanks to a little help from RadioShack. Long known as a DIY destination, the company recently posted Halloween costume instructions using supplies you can find at your local RadioShack, at other area businesses and even around the house:

  • Light Up HoodieGlow in the dark with this light up hoodie from Make. Grab any hoodie, some RadioShack EL Tape, RadioShack Battery-Powered Inverter, and Enercell batteries and combine to creepy effect.
  • Light Up Fairy Wings Take your fairy costume up a notch with light up wings. On the top setting, the LED’s flash and look a whole lot like you’re flying through the night.
  • Magic WandLittle witches and wizards will have a great time with this light-up wand. This project is easy to create but requires a little more creativity. Decorate the wand any way you want and cast your spells all night long.
  • Superhero Cuffs Superheroes are cool, but they are much cooler when their costumes light up. Grab some felt, add some LED’s and a button battery, and get ready outshine those cookie cutter costumes.
  • Robot CostumeIf you’re ready for a more challenging project, the robot costume is here to help. This one takes creativity and some Maker magic but will really stand out Halloween night.

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