City Breaks Ground on Cornell Square Park

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Mayor Emanuel joins community members from the Back of the Yards neighborhood to break ground on a new playground at Cornell Square Park.
Photo Credit: Brooke Collins // City of Chicago

Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Chicago Park District Superintendent Michael P. Kelly, Alderman Willie B. Cochran and members of the New City and Back of the Yards communities, including families and spiritual leaders, gathered to break ground on the site of a new playground at Cornell Square Park, located at 1809 West 50th Street.

An estimated $577,000 will be invested into the 8.29 acre Cornell Square Park, including $335,000 in NATO funds and $242,000 in Chicago Park District funds. Last renovated in 1991, the playground’s existing worn and dated equipment will be replaced with new play equipment that exceed ADA accessibility guidelines, rubberized soft surfacing and a water spray feature. The Chicago Park District worked with the Chicago Police Department to identify parks where they want to boost enrollment in sports and cultural programming for families and residents.

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