City Colleges of Chicago Help Students Plan for Tuition Costs

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As college tuition continues to skyrocket, prospective college bound students seek alternative strategies to obtain a bachelor’s degree.

The City Colleges of Chicago recently released an online tuition calculator at It’s for students to compare costs between attending community colleges for two years and then transitioning to a four year college, versus the costs of attending a major college for their entire undergraduate career.

According to City Colleges of Chicago, students can save thousands of dollars toward bachelor’s degrees at either a public Illinois university or a private university.

“Many of our students work their way through college or receive grants to cover the cost of their courses, without ever taking out a student loan,” CCC chancellor Cheryl Hyman said.

According to a recent study by the Institute of College Access and Success, the average U.S. student loan debt was $26,600. Community college programs offer a more affordable solution to paying for higher education. At City Colleges of Chicago, the average two-year degree costs $6,200.

CCC also offers coursework similar in quality to those taken at four-year colleges, as well as opportunities for students to work while pursuing their studies.

Now registration for the spring 2014 semester at City Colleges Chicago is open. The courses offered range from liberal arts, science and technology, business and professional development to culinary studies and hospitality, advanced manufacturing and transportation distribution and logistics.

City Colleges of Chicago includes seven colleges: Richard J. Daley College, Kennedy-King College, Malcolm X College, Olive-Harvey College, Harry S Truman College, Harold Washington College and Wilbur Wright College.

For more information about costs and degree programs, visit

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