Universidad Popular Hosts Community Forum on Overcoming Disabilities

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On Wednesday, Dec. 4th, Universidad Popular hosted the Overcoming Barriers to Success community forum, which informed community residents about the needs and services of special needs people through the Department of Human Services and Division of Rehabilitation Services.

Located at 2801 S. Hamlin in the South Lawndale Neighborhood, the Overcoming Barriers community forum featured an expert panel of those who work with disabled communities.

This panel included Hector Gonzales (Department of Human Services, Division of Rehabilitation Services), Kira Harris (Community Wellness Center), Consuelo Puente (Family Resource Center on Disabilities), and Lindsey Croasdale (Poverty Law Center Chicago).

By fostering this dialogue, Universidad Popular also empowered special needs individuals by helping them with self-confidence and skills needed in contributing to their work place environment and enriching the lives of the friends, families and communities by overcoming obstacles due to their particular disability.

Founded in the early 1970s, Universidad Popular (UP) is a non-profit organization focused on promoting community development through participatory learning. Over the last four decades, UP transformed from a peer-advocacy group to a non-profit organization that typically services over 2,000 community members each year.

UP offers a variety of learning programs including adult and family literacy, computer literacy, health seminars, financial literacy, youth leadership and development, and workforce development for people with disabilities through Overcoming Barriers to Success. UP also offers volunteer opportunities as well.

For more information on UP and the Overcoming Barriers to Success Program, visit www.universidadpopular.us or call (773) 733-5055.

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