Actors Andrew Jacobs, Jorge Diaz Shine on the Silver Screen in Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones

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Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones welcomes back the suspenseful, supernatural franchise, but this time the demonic possession grips the lives of a Latino family in Oxnard, California.

Fresh after high school graduation Jesse, played by actor Andrew Jacobs, gets a troubling bite mark that gives him superhuman powers but also draws him towards a sinister nature.

His best friends Hector, played by actor Jorge Diaz, and Marisol, played by actress Gabrielle Walsh, must uncover the secrets of a dead neighbor’s dark past in order to save Jesse.

The two young male leads, Andrew Jacobs and Jorge Diaz, star in a film that scares and surprises in The Marked Ones’ director Christopher B. Landon’s signature found footage style. Yet the two men engage and entertain audiences with an on-screen chemistry reminiscent of neighborhood pals living down the block.

For Jacobs, the authenticity of Jesse and Hector’s friendship was the key to getting drawn into the story. Developing this chemistry started even before shooting began.

“Right away there was good vibes, good bond all around,” Jacobs said. “Throughout the whole filming, we became friends in our personal lives and hung out.”

Diaz contributes that electricity to the improvisations amongst the actors that was encouraged while on set. A scene stealing scene played by actress Renee Victor as Jesse’s grandmother, captured the fun-loving spirit of the family bond, which balanced out The Marked One’s more intense, adrenaline-fueled moments.

“Our characters called for that and we are gonna bring our joy,” Diaz said. “Once the director got to know us more it gave us more freedom…and had a lot more fun on the script.”

The character Jesse, who undergoes the devilish transformation, did not intimidate Jacobs and instead he shed light on his acting process.

“I like jumping straight into it and being in the moment,” Jacobs said.

Even if the horror genre is not palatable for one’s movie going tastes, it’s refreshing, and in fact, monumental to see that a major film studio like Paramount Pictures would trust and invest the lead roles of mass market film on the shoulders of an all Latino cast.

Is it a sign that the movie industry is beginning to carve out spaces for Latino actors and actresses to shine on the silver screen? Both Diaz and Jacobs seem to think so.

“It’s a beautiful thing. It’s a fresh start,” Jacobs said.

Diaz added, “At this capacity, it’s never been done before. This film opens the door for all these new possibilities, and also as an actor it’s cool to be a part of history really.”

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones is now playing in theaters nationwide.

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