Village of Lyons Proposal Increases Police Officers on Duty, Saves Taxpayer Money

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Lyons Mayor Christopher Getty said Sunday that the Village of Lyons and the Lyons Police Union recently reached a contract agreement that will save taxpayers nearly $800,000 while employing more police officers to active street duty.

The new contract will head to the Village’s monthly meeting on January 15th for approval, which will keep the Police Department fully staffed and without pay cuts to working police.

Getty said the contract reflects “work rule concessions” in which detectives and supervisors will be given street duty.

“The biggest fear that was promoted out there was that there were going to be lay-offs and that would result in a reduction in police protection. But the bottom line is that we are able to save the taxpayers money and we have been able to put more police on the streets,” Getty said.

Getty said that detectives will assume street patrol responsibilities when needed, and that supervisors will also be spending less time in their offices and more time on the street.

The new contract calls for no salary increase during the first and second year, and a 2 percent increase for the next two years (3 and 4). Longevity or “bonus” pay hikes will be frozen for two years, Getty said. That agreement alone will save taxpayers nearly $100,000 each year.

“I’m pleased the village and the union have come to an agreement that ensures we will be able to continue to provide superior police and safety services to our residents,” Police Chief Harley Schinker said.

Getty said that Lyons has 25 police officers now, not including dispatchers, crossing guards or part timers. Some attrition through retirement is expected.

“The Union and the Village both agree that we can continue to provide the highest police service with 21 police officers,” Getty said. “The difference will be made up through anticipated early retirements as defined under the contract. And police will be on the street protecting our homes where the public expects them.”

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