Saint Anthony Hospital Wins National Service Award

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The Hospital Charitable Service Awards recently recognized The Developmental Support Project (DSP) of Saint Anthony Hospital by naming it a Program of Excellence, one of only 10 programs in the country to receive this distinction.

Saint Anthony Hospital’s Developmental Support Project promotes improved developmental care and outcomes for children, from birth to 8 years of age, seen by affiliated physicians of Saint Anthony Hospital.

To accomplish this, DSP provides training and technical assistance to pediatricians and family practice physicians in order to improve their ability to identify development delays and behavioral concerns.

At a banquet that was the culmination of the National Hospital Charitable Services Conference, each winning program was presented with a $10,000 investment toward their growth.

“These initiatives are not alone in giving back to their communities,” FACHE, Chairman of the Hospital Charitable Services Awards program Charles R. Evans said. “What makes them truly extraordinary is the impact they achieve through their commitment to serving others, and the outstanding ways they make substantial and caring contributions.”

Each nominee had to demonstrate excellence in at least one of five areas: community impact, innovation, collaboration, transferability and/or best practice.

“We are happy to receive national attention for a program that has made tremendous impact in our community and are looking forward to using the grant to expand service and outreach,” Vice President, Mission & Community Development Jim Sifuentes said.

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