Students Organize Healthcare Fair for the Community

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Commentary

Capping off efforts to create awareness about preventative health care in their community, students organized a health fair at Ames located at 1920 North Hamlin last Friday.

The students at the Marine Math and Science Academy have been working for two years, with the assistance of Rush University Medical Students, to bring health care screenings on diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, cervical cancer, and Asthma to residents.

“Navigators” were also be available to help people sign up for “ObamaCare.”

The “5 plus 1 to get 20” program is aimed at closing the 20 year life expectancy gap that exists between wealthier communities and predominantly Black and Latino communities by promoting early detection of the five most dangerous diseases and the practice of regular exercise and good nutrition.


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