Community Members Challenge Fracking Presentation

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Courtesy of Illinois People’s Action

Over three dozen members of Illinois People’s Action leaders protested Robert Bauer of the Illinois Prairie Research Institute, recently. Bauer was in Bloomington giving a presentation on fracking. IPA has been critical of the Institute for allegedly taking public money and whose Board of Director’s and high level contributors are members of Big Oil and Gas.

IPA leader, Sonny Garcia started “the people’s microphone” to broadcast the message that Bauer’s presentation was skewed in the favor of the fracking industry. He was immediately accosted by security and shoved out of the room. But one after another, IPA leaders took over the role making sure attendees understood that Bauer’s “impartial” presentation Bauer was anything but impartial. “I felt empowered by the energy of the IPA leaders in the room even as we were being forcefully escorted out of the venue,” said Garcia in a post-action evaluation.

“It was both intimidating and exciting,” said IPA leader, Julie Prandi, who participated in the protest. “It’s important to let people know the amount of opposition [to fracking] there is among community members.”

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