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By: Ashmar Mandou

For award winning journalist and TV personality Jeannette Kaplun the opportunity to connect with other mothers across the country is not one she takes for granted. “Mothers are constantly looking for a way to connect with other mothers to share ideas and advice,” said Kaplun. “I enjoy sharing my experiences with other mothers and creating a dialogue through my blog.”

Kaplun, a mother of two, is a parenting expert and published author. Founder of, Kaplun shares tips about parenting, beauty, technology and travel in both English ad Spanish. In 2011, Kaplun was awarded the LATISM Best Parenting Blogger award and in 2002 was named one of the most influential Hispanic journalists by the Hispanic Media 100. In her latest venture, Kaplun partnered with Huggies and Pull-Ups as the bilingual spokesperson and brand advocate, for a second year in a row to talk about a theme that’s on most mommies minds, potty training. “The partnership with Pull-Ups has been amazing,” said Kaplun. “I have had the opportunity to speak with several journalists and mothers about how to make potty training fun and easy.” We spoke with Kaplun this week to share tips on how to make potty training fun.

Easy Tips:

• Potty training is a milestone in every household. It’s a difficult time and can be a stressful time for both mother and child. The beauty about Pull-Ups is that is allows a child to learn all the mechanics about potty training, but it still feels fun for them.

• I believe associating a positive reward with potty training works. It makes the process pleasant and gets a child excited about potty training. It has worked for me with my two kids.

• Don’t believe in timeframes. I don’t subscribe to the belief that child needs to be potty trained by a certain age. Every child is different, every circumstance is different. So I always advise mothers to just let go of that notion and just focus on the day-to-day.

• Talk with other mothers, join a blog, start a blog, just join a support network where you can share what works for you or what doesn’t work for you with other mothers.

For more information about Pull-Ups, visit Pull-Ups® Academia del Big Kid at es.pull-ups.comm. If you would like to learn more about Kaplun’s blog, visit

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