Youth Summit Tackle Youth Violence

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Education

On May 28th the Brighton Park Neighborhood Council, with support from Comcast and University of Illinois at Chicago-CHANCE program, hosted a youth summit that brought together 340 students (7th and 8th grades) from five elementary schools to discuss youth violence. Students participated in workshops throughout the day such as bullying, LGBTQ equality, gang violence, how to have a healthy relationship. The youth had an opportunity to strategize next steps in the prevention of violence and other topics they identified in the Brighton Park neighborhood.

The 340 7th and 8th grade students were from Burroughs Elementary, Davis Elementary, Shields Middle, Pope John Paul II, and Gunsaulus Scholastic Academy. A youth leadership team, composed of 40 students that attend these schools, helped in the planning and will lead the summit. This highly interactive summit took into account the issue of violence in their communities as well as particular issues that affect youth in today’s society. This event allowed youth to gain the experience and the capacity to strategically address violence and to seek out support from adult allies when they need it. The youth leadership team chose this year’s topics: Teen Pregnancy, Decision Making, Eating Disorders, Gang Violence, Substance Abuse, LGBTQ Equality, Financial Literacy for Youth, Healthy Relationships, Family Communication, Depression, and Bullying.

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