Any Time, Any Place, Any Interest

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Wherever they live, whatever their interests, no matter the time of day, this summer Chicago youth from 4 to 24 have the opportunity to learn new skills, discover their talents and earn credit for what they do through Chicago City of Learning (CCOL). A joint endeavor of the City of Chicago and DePaul University’s Digital Youth Network, with funding from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, CCOL was initiated last year as “Summer of Learning” and involved more than 100,000 young people. This summer more than 120 organizations have banded together under the CCOL banner to offer more than 3,200 individual programs on-site, on-line and in five hubs across the city.

While some on-site programs offered by the 120 organizations have limits to participation due to registration deadlines, space or size, there are many other choices. Every Chicago Park District site will offer programs through CCOL as will every Chicago Public Library through Mayor Emanuel’s Summer Reading Challenge and on-site workshops, which are also part of CCOL. All CCOL sponsored on-site programs, Hubs and Online Activities Gallery can be found on the CCOL website: Here youth and their families can view all offerings. Users can filter the site by areas of interest, neighborhoods, program cost (most are free or of minimal cost) or by age. For more information, visit, email or call 312.822.0505.

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