Author Yordi Rosado New Book Renuncio Offers Up Parental Advice

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Education

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Education

By: Ashmar Mandou

Popular television star Yordi Rosado revealed his latest endeavor, a new book entitled “Renuncio,” which is targeted to parents to teach them how to better communicate with their children. “When I set out to write this book, I had a lot of fun researching and talking to experts to put all the information together,” said Rosado, during a phone interview with Lawndale Bilingual Newspaper. “Parents have a lot of questions and in today’s world with peer pressure, parties, and social media; it’s becoming increasingly difficult for parents to communicate with their children.” With this in mind, Rosado set out to tackle the most common themes by interviewing parents and psychologists to include in Renuncio. Rosado talked to us about what parents can expect from his new book.

Lawndale Bilingual Newspaper: What did you enjoy most about putting your new book, Renuncio, together?
Yordi Rosado: The process of doing the research is what appealed to me most. I enjoyed speaking to several experts and learning from parents about how to successfully communicate with their children. The most challenging obstacle is creating an environment where kids feel comfortable to share what is going on in their lives. Through my research I found that parents have a hard time actually listening to their children. So in this book, I bring up examples and how parents can have a better conversation with their children.

LN: What should people expect from reading Renuncio?
YR: I talk about a lot of important themes in my book. We touch on limitations and regulations, sex, emotions, alcohol and drugs, internet, divorce parents, depression, and social media. Each topic has a designated chapter where experts chime in to equip parents with the tools they need to better communicate with their children. This is not a book where we lecture parents on what to do differently; it’s more a book that talks with parents in a simplified way when it comes to difficult subjects.

LN: In the book you highlight a key element between parent and child and that is trust. In your own words why is particularly important to create trust in the household?
YR: You know, parenting is not easy. I know from experience. It’s easy for us parents to just get frustrated and yell without explanation, but if you create an atmosphere where children feel safe to share what’s on their mind, the more they will be inclined to talk to you. Parents need to listen and be receptive to what their children have to say in order for them to have a better relationship.

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