LVEJO Supports EPA’s New Standards on Carbon Pollution

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This week, the Little Village of Environmental Justice Organization announced their support of the Environmental Protection Agency’s efforts to continue fighting to protect our communities and future generations against the dangers of carbon pollution.

“The threat of carbon pollution is all too real in communities throughout Chicago, and until today, power plants could emit unlimited amounts of carbon pollution into our air, affecting families all across the region. Allowing unlimited carbon pollution into our air will worsen climate change and harm our health, and ultimately, our children’s future. LVEJO supports the President’s Climate Action Plan to regulate carbon pollution standards not only for the benefit of Chicago communities, but for the whole country.”

As states and communities across the country continue to be informed about the new standards set out by the Environmental Protection Agency, LVEJO is committed to ensure that the people of Chicago, and across the State of Illinois, are well informed of the benefits such standards will have on the Hispanic community.

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