Mad American-Born Killers

by Daniel Nardini

It never ceases to amaze me the number of mad people there are in this country who believe that the only way to “solve” problems is by killing the innocent. When ideology is added to the mix, it becomes a potent justification for would-be killers to believe they have a reason for committing wholesale murder. This is what happened in the recent case of Jerad and Amanda Miller—a husband and wife team that killed two police officers and an ordinary shopper at Walmart. The Millers, long involved in anti-government patriot and militia groups and movements, decided that the time had “come” to go and take their “revenge” against what they said was an “oppressive government.”

They started by murdering two police officers who were having lunch at a pizza place. Officers Alyn Beck and Igor Soldo were simply gunned down while they were eating as the Millers shouted, “this is a revolution.” The Millers then added insult by draping one officer in the Gadsden Flag and another with a swastika. The Millers then moved on and shot and killed a shopper named Joseph Wilcox at a local Walmart. Eventually police cornered the Millers, and Jerad was shot dead. Amanda Miller took her own life. This was not the first case of rightwing extremist attacks this year alone. Another high profile one involving an attack on a Jewish seniors apartment complex and Jewish center is just one more example of the innocent being targeted for some crazy ideological reason.

What is equally scary to me is that there are many righwing and some conservative pundits out there who allege that because of “government abuse of power” there are people who “snap” and try and “fight back.” NO! These people are NOT freedom fighters, they are born killers who simply use ideology as a cover for their heinous crimes. There can NEVER be a reason for someone going out there and gunning innocent people down. I find it truly sad that there are those who seem to justify such cold-blooded attacks, and that somehow America is “losing its rights,” “its moral compass,” and “government is intruding in everyone’s lives” as justification for such crimes. Too many off-the-wall pundits paint a dark picture of a “liberal out-of-control government” bent on “subverting” our rights. The way some of these anti-government critics seem to make it look, they paint a picture of a “government heading towards socialism.”

As a person who has seen the Communist system firsthand and what it does, nothing could be further from the truth. As a commentator who has been writing for 20 years, if the U.S. government is as repressive as a growing number of people I have met say it is, I would not be able to write this piece now. In fact, I would simply not be around at all. I would have been put away and never heard from again some time ago.

The United States has been and remains one of the greatest democracies around. We still very much have freedom of speech and freedom of the press, freedom of religion, freedom of peaceful assembly, the right to seek redress for past grievances, and the rights and protections to our private and personal property. Whatever I may think of U.S. President Barack Obama, he is NOT a dictator. And by that same reasoning I REFUSE to give any credence to those mad American-born killers who commit heinous crimes in the name of “liberty.” All I can say now is I wish to give my sincerest and heartfelt condolences to the families of the slain police officers and the innocent bystander at Walmart. Like the rest of the nation, I grieve for these families’ lost loved ones.

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