Chicago Leaders Empower Design Students

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Education

As educational and professional opportunities in the STEM fields grow, The Chicago Museum of Science and Industry hosted students from around the nation interested in the field of Design to explore Dr. Olivia Castellini’s development in the new Storm Exhibit. In addition to sharing her new designs that emulate natural phenomenons such as tornados, Castellini encouraged the students with her personal and professional journey. Dr. Castellini spoke of the challenges she faced in becoming a successful designer and what allowed her to persevere and achieve the success she possesses today. “Relax. Focus on what is next, not what is forever,” said Castellini. Her audience consisted of a group of aspiring design students who have been touring the nation via RV through a career exploration organization and PBS series called Roadtrip Nation. The organization, who partnered with Autodesk for this particular trip, sponsors such educational road trips to allow students to receive the real life inspiration from industry leaders needed to help connect the dots between their passion and skill sets. For more information about Roadtrip Nation, visit

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