Community Leaders Protest Herbalife

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By: Ashmar Mandou

Community leaders organized a protest Tuesday morning to bring attention to Herbalife Inc. and the filed complaints against them claiming financial losses due to ‘Herbalife’s predatory pyramid scheme and deceptive business practices.”

On the eve of Herbalife Inc.’s annual Extravaganza in Chicago, community leaders announced another group of victims who have filed complaints with both the Illinois Attorney General’s office and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

“Herbalife’s financial success is built on defrauding hardworking men and women in Illinois. Rather than try and deceive people with the pizzazz and glamour of this extravaganza they should instead tell the truth about how few people actually succeed in the business,” said Omar Duque, CEO of the Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. “I applaud Attorney General Lisa Madigan for talking a stand with our community by launching an investigation and seeing that each case is properly addressed.”

According to Herbalife’s reports, 70 percent of its distributors are Hispanic; however, more than 93 percent of them have nothing to show for their investment in the company. Groups involved across Illinois are deeply affected by Herbalife and their penchant for targeting Hispanic immigrants.

“As more victims speak out, Herbalife’s wrong doing is drawing more attention,” said Julie Contreras, President of LULAC of Lake County. “But for every person who comes forward our experience is there are thousands who are afraid to because they are intimidated by the legal process. The families have limited knowledge of the resources available to assist those who have fallen prey to deceptive business practices and pyramid schemes.”

Illinois victims of Herbalife can call toll-free at (855) 701-5437 to share their story and seek assistance in filing a complaint against Herbalife.

“As more victims step forward, we know it’s more important than ever to put an end to Herbalife’s brazenly dishonest business practices,” said Wanda Avila, Executive Director of La Familia Unida. “We need to raise awareness of the allegations against Herbalife and share the stories of the victims filing complaints today, so we can embolden others to do the same.”

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