Action Now Builds Power as Voter Registration Drive Surpasses 10,000

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Business

Action Now successfully passed a milestone by registering 10,000 Chicago residents to vote in less than two months. Residents have eagerly filled out registration forms citing school closures, the call for a $15 citywide minimum wage, and the general feeling of not having their concerns addressed as motivation to vote in the upcoming elections.

“Residents are telling us their struggles to get by and they recognize the connections of voting power and officials addressing needs in their neighborhoods,” said Katelyn Johnson, Executive Director of Action Now. “Our members work and live on the south and west sides that have been the most impacted by disinvestment by the city. Registering 10,000 people in these neighborhoods is a big step towards implementing policies that benefit residents instead of big businesses.

Members are canvassing in neighborhoods like East Garfield Park, North Lawndale, Austin, Englewood, and Auburn Gresham. “Our neighborhoods are on the front lines of some of the most destructive policies, and we need to hold our elected officials accountable year-round, but also on Election Day”, says Gloria Warner, President of Action Now. The drive will continue until October 7th’s registration deadline.

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