Barrio Books Has Chicago Police Department Reading

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Education

Last week, during Walk for Peace, Latino author and civic leader, Robert Renteria, gave the Chicago Police Department a new teaching tool, his book From the Barrio. With books in officers’ hands, pages started turning as they read Renteria’s content designed to ensure safety. Renteria says he provides a road map for helping at-risk youth avoid gangs, drugs, and violence. “What better way to help stop the trend of Chicago violence, crime, and murders and get everyone on board. We’re excited to see the Chicago Police Department recognize Robert’s books as important intervention tools they are,” says Fran Briggs of eMediaCampaigns! and publicist to the author, Robert Renteria. More than 1,500 parents and their children attended the Walk for Peace. The Barrio bilingual book series is playing an increasingly significant role in the lives of those seeking solutions for ending violence. For additional information, visit, email, or call 312-933-5619.

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