The Danger of Depression

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Education

by Daniel Nardini

One danger sign is depression. It can happen to the best and brightest of people as well as those who are struggling in academia. The pressures of trying to get through the assignments and the sheer “avalanche” of home-work can trigger serious psychological problems in some individuals. Depression can take on a number of forms. They range from not eating and sleeping properly to behavior not characteristic of the person previously to the inability to complete work assignments and not attending classes. Depression can worsen as the semester goes by, and if left untreated can prove to be dangerous for the individual affected. If anyone notices a friend or a loved one who does not seem like themselves, there are counselors and even medical personnel available who might be able to help those in need. The ones affected may not seek help, so sometimes it is imperative for those closest to them to seek help for those they know before their depression becomes worse. Even an anonymous tip to someone who can help an individual in need might prevent tragedy later. Not everyone can handle academic pressures the same way, and some people may need help when those pressures drive them to the breaking point.

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