Commissioner Santos Announces MWRD Help for Industrial Partners

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Commissioner Cynthia Santos, Chairman of the Labor and Industrial Relations committee of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWRD) announced that the MWRD is available to help commercial, industrial partners reduce phosphorus levels in wastewater

Phosphorus is a non-renewable resource needed for life to exist. However, too much in the environment can impair water quality and harm aquatic life. To meet new phosphorus limits, the is assisting industrial users in reducing phosphorus from their waste streams while at the same time implementing plans to recover this sustainable resource.

Santos stated “In addition to providing technical assistance with managing internal processes, MWRD staff can help organizations identify how they may be able to divert their high-strength waste phosphorus to a new recovery system that will be constructed at the Stickney WRP next year. The new facility will be the largest phosphorus recovery facility in the world, generating a magnesium ammonium phosphate slow release fertilizer product. The process will transform phosphorus and nitrogen recovered from municipal and industrial wastewater into a high-value, eco-friendly fertilizer”.

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