‘Get Out the Vote’

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By: Ashmar Mandou

We need to send a message to Springfield that our families come first. Those were the words uttered by City Clerk Susana Mendoza last Saturday as she and countless Illinois Democrats held a rally on Chicago’s North Side to help rouse voter turnout in the upcoming General Election on November 4th.

The rally took place in the 36th Ward and was hosted by current Alderman Nick Sposato and candidate for the newly redistricted 36th Ward, Gilbert Villegas. “If you believe we need to raise the minimum wage than you have to go out and vote, that’s the only way we can make this a reality,” said Gilbert Villegas, candidate for the newly redistricted 36th Ward.

Among the attendees at last Saturday’s rally were Secretary of State Jesse White, Candidate for City Treasurer Kurt Summers, State Representative Luis Arroyo, and Illinois State Senator Iris Martinez. “We are fired up and ready to go on November 4th. You have to make sure all of your family and friends come out to vote,” said Illinois State Senator Iris Martinez of the 20th Senatorial District.

Photo Courtesy of Miguel Zuno

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