$100,000 Christmas Cycling Challenge!

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Amputee cyclist Helgard Muller will fulfill his American Dream of motivating and inspiring others by cycling 3,045 miles on a road bike (and his mountain bike for the rough terrain) across the United States. He aims to raise $100,000 for people with disabilities. To his knowledge, he will be the first person with only one leg to do a Christmas Cycling Challenge. He kicks off from Los Angeles, when he sets course for Ground Zero – New York City; he will be wearing his Riders For Hope golf-shirt and cap, thereby raising awareness for persons with disabilities.

The experience of losing a leg has changed him forever. “Before my accident, I was always in the background, quiet, introverted and had no voice. Now, I am a changed man, I am fighter, a high flier in life, and I believe I can overcome anything that comes my way. I am now far more active and involved in sports and fitness than I was before the accident. When asked what my biggest fear for this trip might be, I can honestly say that I have no fears because life has taught me to be fearless – just live and let live.”

He will head north-east from California to New York, travelling through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania which will take him to Ground Zero, New York. He will keep their fans updated daily, so log onto www.helgardmuller.com and click through to his Facebook page. To donate to Helgard’s cause, visit the website www.ridersforhope.org where you will find the link for donations.

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