Cicero Appoints New Police Superintendent

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The Town of Cicero saluted the retirement of Bernard Harrison and named his First Deputy Jerry Chlada Jr. to take his post as Police Superintendent. Town President Larry Dominick said that Harrison served in his position with “achievement and effectiveness” and added that he believed Chlada, who implemented Cicero’s successful anti-street gang campaigns, would do even more.

“We have been fortunate to have Bernie Harrison as our Police Superintendent and we are very fortunate to have Jerry Chlada as his successor,” Dominick said at Tuesday’s board meeting. After Dominick swore Chlada as the new Police Superintendent, Chlada then swore in his new police administration.

The new police support staff administration includes Barrett Marlar promoted to First Deputy Superintendent, Thomas Boyle promoted to Deputy Superintendent, Dominic Schullo promoted to Assistant Deputy Superintendent, Rudolfo Flores promoted to Captain, Christopher Wojtowicz promoted to Captain, Allan Pineda promoted to Captain, Nino Scimione promoted to Sergeant, and Matthew Ramirez promoted to Sergeant.

Harrison began his service in the Cicero Police Department in 1993 as an officer in charge on patrol watch. He was later promoted to detective, then deputy superintendent of investigations, patrol sergeant and deputy superintendent until finally taking the top post in November 2010.

Chlada joined the Cicero Police Department in 1996 as a patrol officer and worked his way up the ranks, most recently supervising the Town of Cicero’s Gang Crimes Unit prior to being named last year as the First Deputy Superintendent.

“Congratulations to Jerry. Gang related homicides are down and it is because of your hard work,” Dominick said at the board meeting after he swore Chlada in as Police Superintendent.

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