“Free Ride to College Lady”: How to Obtain a Full Academic Scholarship

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America’s “Free Ride to College Lady,” Norma Richards brings her free money strategies to the Windy City and introduces students and parents to the “science” of obtaining a full academic scholarship to college at the Windy City Hardwood Classic HBCU College and Career Discovery Fair on Saturday, November 15th at the Kroc Center Chicago from 9am-2pm. The event is FREE and open to the public. The Kroc Center is located at 1250 W. 119th Street in Chicago. Visit www.FreeRidetoCollege.com for details. For details regarding Norma Richards’ Chicagoland itinerary, please visit www.FreeRidetoCollege.com How to Unlock Your Free Ride to College: 5 Essential Keys:

Key #1: PLAN AHEAD. Planning is the most essential component to earning a free ride, and your plan to create a stellar competitive student profile should be in place while your child is still in middle school.

Key #2: GET ORGANIZED! Create both a physical and online filing system- including a spreadsheet with a checklist – to keep you on task and on top of deadlines. This system should be in place no later than the beginning of your student’s Junior year of High School.

Key #3: MAKE A COMMITMENT! You must make a commitment to apply for at least 60 scholarships – particularly during scholarship season!

Key #4: APPLY, APPLY, APPLY! Remember, obtaining scholarships is a number’s game. The more you apply, the better your odds.

Key #5: STAY POSITIVE! Don’t get discouraged by rejection. You will likely get about 30% of the scholarships for which you apply.

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