Gabriela de la Garza shares memories of Cantinflas

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By: Nikoleta Morales

“Cantinflas” is the untold story of Mexico’s greatest and most beloved comedy film star of all time, Cantinflas, from his humble origins on the small stage to the bright lights of Hollywood. We talked to Gabriela de la Garza who plays Olga Ivanova, Valentina Ivanova’s sister /Cantinflas’ wife, and she shared with us her personal connection to Cantinflas.

Lawndale News: What does playing Olga mean to you and how do you relate to her being that you are of a Mexican descent?

Gabriela de la Garza: I had the opportunity to find information through my grandmother because she was an expert and a very well-known comedian in Mexico. Even though my grandfather died a long time ago my grandmother lived on and had memories. When I told her I was going to play Olga she got very excited and told me a lot of things, stories and she showed me photographs. She knew Olga personally and she told me she was an educated woman and very nice and how her accent was thick. That’s how I found information about Olga and also working with my director. I was very lucky.

What is you take on the legendary Cantinflas and what does he mean to you as a legendary Mexican?

I think everybody who is around my age knows who Cantinflas was. I grew up watching Cantinflas. I was a big fan of him. When I knew about this I wanted to be in the movie. I am very proud of him. He is our top comedian in Mexico. I am proud because he was very loyal to his character and that’s why I admire him so much.

Can you tell us something knew about the upcoming Cantinflas DVD that the audiences will be excited about?

[You will see] some things that were deleted from the original film and also they will include interviews with the cast and the director and the rest of the production. I really encourage you to buy it and enjoy it!

“Cantinflas” will be available on DVD, HD and On Demand on Dec. 2.

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