Tacos Y Salsa Earns Berwyn’s Best Title for its Taco Jarocho

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The Berwyn Development Corporation’s (BDC) inaugural Berwyn’s Best competition has crowned its first champion in a quest to find the best local taco. Tacos Y Salsa (6346 26th St) walked home a winner with its signature taco jarocho, which is a flour tortilla filled with fresh grilled tilapia that is glazed with garlic and lime and then drizzled with a special house-made chipotle sauce. Tacos Y Salsa has shaped their menu to include tacos from the various states in Mexico. Taco jarocho is a style of food from Veracruz, Mexico, a coastal state known for its seafood.

Owner Laura Guerrero stated, “I’m so happy to have been in the contest and to have won first place. We are very proud.” Contest organizer Gerardo Zavala of the BDC stated, “Berwyn has a lot of great food, especially taquerias. This contest was a perfect way to allow our businesses to show off their best menu items to the community.” For more information, visit http://whyberwyn.com/shop-berwyn/berwyns-best/.

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