Bungalow Joe’s Coffee Adds a Kick to the Morning Commute

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A caffeine jolt is the culmination of most morning routines. For those commuting on the Metra BNSF line, Bungalow Joe’s Coffee, LLC has paired fresh, quality coffee with a convenient site. Located in the Harlem Avenue Metra station at 7135 Windsor Ave, Bungalow Joe’s Coffee purveys coffee, tea, muffins and pastries. In partnership with the City of Berwyn and Berwyn Development Corporation (BDC), Bungalow Joe’s Coffee held a grand opening celebration on Dec 9th.

Bungalow Joe’s Coffee was established by Berwyn resident Marcel Townsel. Townsel’s food service experience started in garrison and field operations in the military where he honorably prepared timely, hot meals for soldiers. Bungalow Joe’s name is based off of Berwyn’s ubiquitous housing style, the bungalow. Townsel adds to the shop’s distinction by sharing his expertise for creating his own coffee blends. For more information, visit www.berwyn.net or follow the BDC at facebook.com/WhyBerwyn.

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Housed in the Harlem Metra station, Bungalow Joe’s Coffee, LLC offers coffee, tea and light morning fare to commuters.

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