Little Village Chamber of Commerce Teams up with Remy Cointreau, Supermercado La Chiquita this Holiday Season

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The little Village Chamber of Commerce, Rémy Cointreau and Supermercado La Chiquita teamed up this Holiday season to bring cheers to those in need. The Little Village Chamber of Commerce, Remy Cointreau & Supermercado La Chiquita gave Christmas trees and $100.00 Gift certificates (from the Supermercado La Chiquita) to twelve families during this Christmas season. The Rémy Cointreau group, whose origins date back to 1724, has produced premium spirits using Grand Champagne and Petite Champagne grapes exclusively from the heart of the cognac region in France. Rémy Cointreau’s portfolio of global brands, which includes the coveted Louis XIII, and Rémy Martin, is sold in the United States, Asia, and Western and Central Europe.

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