The U.S. Supreme Court Has Spoken: DREAMers WILL Drive In Arizona

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The Arizona Dream Act Coalition is celebrating the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling Wednesday to put into effect a lower court ruling that will allow Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients in Arizona to receive driver’s licenses and state identification.

Justice Anthony Kennedy denied Gov. Brewer’s petition to stay a ruling by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in DREAMers’ favor. Now the U.S. District Court of Arizona is bound by the Ninth Circuit mandate and will have to start the process of granting licenses to DACA recipients as soon as possible.

This is truly a victory for the community and organizations that have fought so hard to make equality a reality for DREAMers living in Arizona. Thousands of Arizonans will now be able to get to work and school with an ease most people take for granted and will finally have access to state documents that verify their identity.

The lawsuit, Arizona Dream Act Coalition, et al. v. Brewer, was initiated in November 2012. Civil rights groups filed suit to defend equal protection and fight against Gov. Jan Brewer’s discriminatory policy. The policy banned DACA recipients in Arizona from obtaining driver’s license despite the federal government’s determination that DACA recipients have legal presence in the U.S. After years of litigation, today’s decision will finally open the pathway for DACA recipients to obtain licenses without having to worry about another delay.

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