Aldermanic Candidates Defying the “Chicago Political Machine”

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By: Ashmar Mandou

A group of aldermanic candidates rallied together in pursuit of defying Chicago politics by launching “Women Against the Machine,” on Saturday, Jan. 10th at Jane Addams Hull House, 800 S. Halsted St. Sixteen

Sixteen women from across the city met with residents to discuss in detail their platforms in the upcoming February election. Anne Shaw and Ronda Locke, 1st ward; Stacey Pfingsten, 2nd ward; Tara Baldridge, 8th ward; Sue Sadlowski Garza and Olga Bautista, 10th ward; Maureen Sullivan, 11th ward; Guadalupe Rivera, 16th ward; CM Winters, 21st ward, Juanita Irizarry, 26th ward; Zerlina Smith, 28th ward; Tammie Vinson, 29th ward; Irma Cornier 31st ward; Tara Stamps, 37th ward; Dianne Daleiden, 40th ward; Denice Davis, 46th ward, attended the event to share their stories of struggle, victories, and vigor for a new Chicago. The gathering was moderated by Amara Enyia, former mayoral candidate.

“As women in politics, we are constantly fighting the system for ourselves, our families and our communities. Chicago politics has historically been a boys-only club and we’re battling to change it,” said Maureen Sullivan, candidate in the 11th ward. “It’s an amazing fight, but one that few experience firsthand. By sharing our stories, we’ll provide deeper understanding about the political machine, the issues, and what it means to be a woman changing a man’s world.”

The candidates share similar goals of winning a democratically-elected school board, redirecting economic development to Chicago’s neighborhoods, reforming the TIF system, and creating more opportunities for all residents.

“Women are vastly unrepresented in politics at every level and here, it’s no different. Out of the 50 wards, only 16 are represented by women aldermen,” said Rousemary Vega, organizer of the event. “Only one woman has been mayor of Chicago. The time has come for change. Chicago can do better.”

Photo Credit: Creative Commons

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