Peoples Gas & North Shore Gas Remind Residents to State Safe

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The Chicagoland area is facing a winter weather advisory that includes sub-zero temperatures and significant snow accumulation. With several inches of snow predicated, Peoples Gas and North Shore Gas remind residents and businesses that it is important to keep the area around natural gas meters, regulators and piping dear from snow and ice to help ensure the safe and continuous operation of heating equipment. Deep snow and ice buildup around gas meters can lead to meter damage, equipment malfunction and a disruption in service. Simply brushing deep snow away from the meter and regulator with a soft broom is sufficient. Never use a shovel or motorized snow removal equipment near a natural gas meter.

Customers with high-efficiency furnaces and water heaters that vent through the wall (not into a chimney) should prevent the buildup of snow or ice outside around the vent. High-efficiency equipment provides great savings, but a blocked vent could cause the heating system to malfunction by shutting off or, in extreme cases, lead to an accumulation of carbon monoxide in the home. Customers should check the outside vents just to make sure they aren’t covered with snow or ice and call Peoples Gas at (866) 556-6001 or North Shore Gas at (866) 556-6004 in cases of heavy ice buildups around the vents.
For more tips on safety around natural gas, including tips on CO safety, please visit our website at or

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