Immigration Clinic Set as Politics Cloud Next Steps for DACA and DAPA

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On Saturday, Feb. 21st, organizations across Chicago met at Arturo Velazquez Institute, 2800 S. Western Ave., to share some more insight to the planned Deferred Action for Parental Accountability, DAPA, applications and held DACA application clinic despite the efforts of Congress and a federal district court in Texas to prevent the president’s executive actions for immigration reform. Pilsen Neighbors Community Council, Enlace, City Colleges of Chicago, and the law offices of Kameli and Associates were all in attendance to assist people in the application process and answer questions people had in regards to the existing and extended DACA as well as DAPA.

“We are very disappointed over the decision from the judge to hold off the process for the five million people who would benefit from extended DACA and DAPA,” said President and Board of PNCC and co-convener of Gamaliel of Metro Chicago Salvador Cerna. “We will continue fighting strong and organizing to ensure that not only does DACA become a reality, but that we will achieve what so many families need –a permanent solution to a broken immigration system.”

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security had originally set Thursday as the first day applications for the extended Deferred Action for Early Childhood Arrivals, DACA, would be available for those that were brought to the U.S. as small children. “I have been able to get a job that allows me to pursue my studies,” said Vilma Cardona, PNCC leader. “DACA has allowed me the opportunity to do this and I encourage all who are eligible to apply.”

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