NEW BYOB Opens in Archer Heights Neighborhood

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Machetes Big Quesadillas promises to slice down your hunger with their 20-inch, made-on-the-spot quesadillas. Machetes Big Quesadillas has officially opened its doors for businesses at 4888 S. Archer Avenue in Chicago’s Archer Heights Neighborhood. “We are working on our 24-inch version,” said Maria de Jesus Lopez Sandoval, owner of Machetes Big Quesadillas, who wishes to continue the tradition of the 20-inch quesadillas, which originated in Mexico City, using the freshest ingredients. The name “machete” is attributed to the elongated shape of the quesadillas.

Machetes offers a variety of fillings, including vegetarian. The offerings include the Machete, Jr., the Machete, or the Machete Salad, which can then be filled with your choice of the following vegetarian options: cheese, cactus, mushrooms, squash blossoms, green pepper strips, an Aztec corn delicacy; and other non-vegetarian choices such shredded pork, pressed pork rinds in red or green salsa, Mexican pork sausage with potatoes, Mayan-style shredded pork stew, seasoned chicken or chipotle chicken stew, hanger steak (arrachera) or chipotle beef stew. Patrons can also choose the “Champion Machete,” which includes a portion of each stuffing, just like the original machetes found only in Colonia Guerrero in Mexico City. Patrons are also offered a variety of homemade salsas, from mild to hot, to spice up their Machete just right. The full menu can be viewed at where customers can subscribe to claim their free machete on their birthday.

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