Universidad Popular Launches Free Services for Pregnant Women

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Universidad Popular (UP) announces the launch of Free Prenatal Clinic Services for pregnant women and a Support Healing Group for new mothers and pregnant women in the community of Little Village. These popular services aim to reach the underserved population of immigrants and women of color and assist on access to health services that are lacking in our community. The services are free of charge and will take place at UP (2801 S. Hamlin Ave.) as part of our Health Literacy Initiative (HEALIN) that aims to improve residents’ quality of life through nutrition, exercise, and stress reduction.

Prenatal Clinic Services will be held one Saturday a month from 9 am to 11 am in sets of 30 minutes each. At these clinics pregnant women will work on topics related to nutrition, pregnancy health, handling discomforts trough pregnancy and preparation for birth. Support Healing Group will also be held one Saturday a month from 12 pm to 1 pm. In this group we will create a healing space that provides new mothers and pregnant women the support they need in order to heal, feel supported, and learn about topics related to breastfeeding, pregnancy, women’s health, and raising their babies.

Classes will continue through Saturday, March 7. The facilitator is a Certified Doula, Midwife Assistant and Prenatal Educator at Mama Aicha’s Project in Little Village. For a calendar and registration please call 773-733-5055 or send an e-mail to malvelo@universidadpopular.us.

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