‘I’m the right choice to represent the 31st ward’ –Ald. Ray Suarez

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By: Ashmar Mandou

Alderman Ray Suarez has exactly 20 days to convince the constituents of the 31st ward why he is better suited to continue to represent them and not opponent Milly Santiago. “My opponent has made false claims without doing her research,” says Ald. Suarez. “Since becoming alderman, so many positive changes have occurred within my ward from schooling, to reducing the crime rate, to generating business. I know my community very well and my experience as alderman will take the 31st ward in the right direction.”

Since his election in 1991, Ald. Suarez has spent decades working with the community that when he faced a run-off he was, admittedly quite surprised. “We did everything we could to spread our message and to remind residents of all that changes that have happened since I have taken office, but we still face a run-off. I take this opportunity to continue to meet with families, like I have been doing in the last years, and convince them that I am the right person to represent the 31st ward.”

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Local News

As a strong believer in economic development, Ald. Suarez was in charge in bringing more than 2,500 jobs for residents through several job fairs and proudly shared that the 31st ward welcomed 19 new businesses. He also boasted over the low crime rate that has occurred since taking office. “No one can say that I have become complacent. There has been a 27 percent drop in crime since 2013 and we will continue to keep our streets safe.” Ald. Suarez continues, “My opponent speaks of the high level of crime in our neighborhoods, but we have done our best to reduce the crime. I firmly believe more people should get involved. Not necessarily become police officers, but call the police if you notice suspicious activity. We have to form together and keep the northwest side safe.” Ald. Suarez, the vice-mayor of the city, eagerly shared his latest venture, which is the former Marshall Field’s site at 4000 W. Diversey Ave. The redevelopment project will attract more than 1,000 new jobs and will include a 70,000 square foot grocery store, high tech office space, industrial and warehouse space, and a data center. “Economic development has always been important for the working families and individuals in our community. We are not only creating new jobs and opportunities for them; we are developing a destination place for our ward and the city.”

In the realm of education, Ald. Suarez recently revealed the Illinois Seal of Biliteracy for city high students to certify those eligible as proficient in two or more languages. “This program will give students an edge in attending college and securing employment,” says Ald. Suarez. “So to those who are questioning my reputation, just take a look at all my accomplishments since taking office. My reputation, my record speaks for itself.” If you would like to learn more about Ald. Suarez, visit www.ward31.com.

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