Nuclear Energy: Safe, Clean and Keeping the Lights On

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Nuclear energy has been in the news lately, but it may not be what you think. Nuclear energy is a safe, clean source of the electricity that you use every day to light your home, keep your refrigerator humming and your cell phone charged. In fact, many people don’t know that there are six nuclear power plants in Illinois, and they produce nearly half of our state’s electricity.

But there’s a problem. Even though they are very well run, three of Illinois’ six nuclear power plants are losing money and are at risk of shutting down. There are several reasons the plants are having financial difficulties, but an important one is that they are not compensated for the fact that the energy they produce is clean. If those plants close, it would be bad for our state’s economy, our air quality and the thousands of people who work there, not to mention the many businesses small and large that provide the plants with products and services. We need to do all we can to keep those plants open.

Exelon, the company that owns the nuclear power plants, is working with the Illinois General Assembly on a solution. It’s called the Low Carbon Portfolio Standard, and it will keep the nuclear plants operating, cut carbon emissions and grow renewable energy like wind and solar.

The legislation would cost about $2 per month on the average Illinois household’s electric bill. It will cost families and businesses a lot more if the nuclear power plants shut down. Plus, the legislation would make our state a national leader, with the highest requirement of low-carbon energy in the country. To learn more, or voice your support, visit

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