Finding the ‘New Normal’ in Men’s Clothing

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Business

By: Ashmar Mandou

Designer Jaden Lam empathizes with millions of men across the country who find it difficult to obtain clothes that fit their 5’8 body frame. “It’s frustrating,” exclaimed Manhattan-based new men’s designer Lam. “It’s frustrating for men, like me to go into department stores and not be able to find great quality clothes that is true to size for the average male. I have struggled my whole life to find clothes that both look good and fit right and I’m not alone.”

According to the CDC, the average height for males 20 and older in the United States is a little less than five-feet, eight inches, yet many designers create lines that tailor to taller men. Lam took matters into his own hands when he decided to use his own measurements to help launch the JadenLam a luxurious clothing line that features clothing and accessories for successful men 5’9” and under. “Millions of men are either accepting or altering oversized clothing and that just shouldn’t have to be the case. Standard mediums, smalls and extra smalls are just too big for as many as half the male population,” said Lam.

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Business

Lam discovered his passion for clothing in his native Vietnam, where as a teen he worked as an apprentice to a master tailor and then ran his own custom clothing business. In the 90s, Lam relocated to the U.S., and soon discovered the scarcity in clothing for men his size. To remedy the problem, Lam launched JadenLam to help fill the void for men across age groups, ethnicities, and professional styles. “With this line I want the men who wear it to feel successful and happy,” said Lam. Shirts are designed with slimmer shoulders, narrow, strong collars, smaller and higher armholes and breast pockets, tapered waists and can be worn tucked, without bunching or untucked without seeming oversized. The new clothing line is sold exclusively on

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