Shedd Aquarium’s New Amphibians Exhibit Now Open

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They live in treetops, deserts and swamps, grow to several feet long or to only the size of a quarter, and outsmart their predators by looking like a leaf or by poisoning them. Amphibians are among the most fascinating and diverse animals groups in the world as well as the most threatened – and can now be seen for a limited time at Shedd Aquarium’s new special exhibit, Amphibians. Sponsored by Walgreens, the exhibit features more than 40 species of salamanders, frogs, newts and rarely seen worm-like caecilians that will be hopping and swimming at Shedd. Access to Amphibians is included with the purchase of a Total Experience Pass (Adult $39.95; Child $30.95) or CityPASS. The exhibit is also available as an option with the purchase of a Shedd Pass Plus (Adult $35.95; Child $26.95) for an additional $5. Tickets are on sale now at Amphibians will run for a limited time at Shedd through 2017.

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